แบรนด์ : LEONE


It includes all advantages of the Leaf expander without the need for periodic
reactivation. The effectiveness of this expander is based entirely on the elastic
capacity of the leaf springs made of Nickel Titanium that release controlled
and continuous forces. The choice of the expander is decided on the basis of
the transversal discrepancy of the patient: the therapy is predetermined and
does not require any further action either by the clinician nor by the patient.
The expander is available in two models, 450 g and 900 g and each one of
these is available in two expansion capacities: 6 mm (four leaf springs) and
9 mm (six leaf springs). The expander is supplied with leaf springs readycompressed by two metal staples that the technician will remove after the
construction of the device. The package includes a special clip with safety
leash to keep the leaf springs compressed, facilitating the technician and the
clinician in specific phases of the realization and treatment. Inside the package are also available practical instructions for use where all the construction
steps and methods of delivery to the clinician are illustrated.
Pack of 1
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