SKU : 16-03-77

Dental Face 3D Scanner

Brand : Shining3D


The "3D Face Scanner MetiSmile" is a facial scanning device developed and manufactured by SHINING 3D, specifically for dentistry. It can quickly capture facial images to create a 3D model for diagnostic and medical analysis purposes using advanced software. This enables healthcare professionals to work more efficiently and swiftly, facilitating medical diagnoses and analyses. The scanning process takes only 10 seconds, providing 3D patient data with high precision and a 5.0-megapixel HD color capture.

In addition to speed and precision, it comes with highly intelligent software, such as Ortho Simulation, which assists dentists in orthodontic treatment planning, making diagnoses easier and faster. It is suitable for use alongside Aoralscan 3, complementing both facial and dental scans. The design of the device allows for versatility, being usable in both a handheld and fixed tabletop mode, accommodating various medical practices. It incorporates three Data Acquisition cameras, enabling swift scanning in less than 10 seconds, providing facial scan files for further use.

Furthermore, it features an HD surface capture camera with High Detail 5.0 MP or 5 million pixels. Aside from the IR VCSEL Projector, it achieves scanning accuracy down to 50 microns. Shining 3D has ensured its full functionality, emphasizing not only the detailed 50-micron scanning but also the color clarity of the Metsmile facial surface captured by the HD 5.0 MP color camera.

One aspect not explicitly mentioned is the scanning speed, with Shining 3D Dental confirming the ability to complete a case scan in just 10 seconds. Ortho Simulation is another notable application that has significantly contributed to the reputation of Shining 3D Dental. This feature allows for orthodontic simulation or movement of bones, aiding orthodontists by providing post-orthodontic treatment information, allowing patients to clearly visualize their orthodontic procedures.

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