MAJOR Ormaplus Bite


SKU : 07-02-26

Fast setting, polyvinyl siloxane based, addition-curing bite registration material. Ormaplus Bite due to its very high final hardness is easily milled and it performs permanent dimensional stability and an extraordinary precision in bite registrations. Thanks to its thixotropic properties, Ormaplus Bite is easy to apply.

Brand : MAJOR


-Syringeable bite registration material, also indicated for use in centric occlusions
-Material for coating bite registration forks.
-A locating material, such as for Gothic arch tracings.

Mixing Time: 5" (mixer)

Working Time (at 23°C): 30"

Intraoral Setting Time: 1' 30"

Total Setting Time: 2'00"

Line: @promdent
Call : 02-616-1866
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