SDH-3000 Miniature Dental Spot Welder


SKU : 08-04-63

SDH-3000 dental multi-function welding machine, in the work of the two need to connect the weldment compaction, power control by the CPU directly after the trigger, a lot of energy in an instant release, making the two contact surface generate a lot of heat, quickly heated to it The melting point temperature. In this way, the weldment is tightly welded together.


SDH-3000 dental multifunctional welding machine, it is novel in design, easy to use, safe and reliable in performance, especially in its full simulation of "capacitance impulse discharge mode" so that the solder joints are not stained. It is not only widely used in orthodontics, but also It can be used to weld small parts such as stainless steel wire, stainless steel sheet and other materials in industries such as electrical appliances and meters.

Spot welding, brazing, annealing any

Scope of application:
Steel wire, nickel titanium wire, molybdenum wire and other hardware accessories 0.2MM-1.6MM

Power: 350W
Supply voltage: 220V±10%/110V±10%
Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Input power: not more than 0.5KVA
Gross weight: 8KG
Dimensions: 47CM*29CM*16CM

1, the instrument during use, to avoid severe vibration.
2, the use of the switch, the force should be appropriate.
3. After the instrument is used, rotate the upper or lower electrode to 45° to isolate the upper and lower electrodes.
4, place a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.
5. It is forbidden to spot weld in the state without workpiece!

Package included:
1 x Miniature Dental Spot Welder
1x Power cord
1x Fuse tube (10A glass tube)
1x Foot control switch
1x Set of Annealing device

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